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If you want to learn the secrets of understanding the insurance buying maze, this is a must read!

Jean MacDonald

Author, Finding the Fortune

I wish I knew this information before my husband died. Glen has been a Godsend.

Michele B.

Current Client

Great read, very easy to follow. I would recommend this book to anyone before making any large insurance purchases.

Jason Tingley

As a brand new insurance agent that wants to understand this industry and provide the best service to my clients, I found this book invaluable. It is a small book, so it is not daunting. The author explains the different types of insurance in a refreshingly simple, straightforward manner. This book is for anyone who may be mystified by some of the insurance policies offered (I’m looking at you IUL’s) and which one is the best suited for you (or your client’s). I highly recommend it to both customers shopping for insurance and to insurance agents.

Sue A. Kinney

Learn More About the “Unvarnished Truth – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Insurance Industry”

Glen Nielsen has been in the insurance industry for over ten years and was an educator prior to that. Glen’s first series, Unvarnished Truth, capitalizes on his passion for helping people and educating the middle class (95%) on what the upper class (5%) knows. As a native of Chicago, a personal financial coach and business advisor he has helped clients across the nation.

Speaking Topics:

How to Manage and Get Out of Debt
3 Tax Buckets of Saving Money

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